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Freenew 2014
Freenew is an innovative environmental solution for universities and other transient establishments.
"Freenew was born out of frustration watching dumpsters fill with many useful items. I felt as students and citizens of the future we could do much better to reduce or recycle these items. Freenew is making a small but very important impact on the wasteful habits"

Brittany Bollenbach
Founder | Organizer

Every day hundreds of tons of usable items are incinerated or plowed under in landfills throughout the country.

Freenew, a student operated program has created a simple cost-effective recycling project that we have successfully implemented on the SUNY Purchase campus for the last two years.

Check out the map above to find exact locations of the storage units!

They are placed near the on-campus dormitory and apartment dumpsters for ease of the donation process. Keep in mind, this program is ground-breaking and we are creating a new model for campus recycling/upcycling habits.

We emptied the pods in record time this year. Hope everyone enjoys their "free" and "new" to them items!
Campus Responses
Cool Finds
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“Freenew is the kind of project that happens when an activist converts an idea into a reality! It is praxis—the intersection of theory and practice—linking environmentalism with social change, innovation, and service.”

Chrys Ingraham, PhD, MPA
Professor, Sociology

"This is the king of common-sense project that should be implemented at every college. It is particularly effective at Purchase where over 60% of the student population lives on campus. Not only does it save thousands of pounds from landfills, it saves the school money, and creates a legacy of student property passing from one generation to the next, fueling the artistic and DIY culture of this incredible institution."

Jonathan OConnell

"Freenew is a utopian idea. With no money to pay for the niceties of lamps or pans to cook with, freenew was a boon.
I got so much use out of the stuff and I know that now I am gone the things I got for free as well as bought will not go to waste with my absence."

Lucas McCaslin


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Freenew itemsJust a few items that were found during Freenew 2012. These items had been destined for the trash, until Freenew came along! (And yes, the blender works) What might YOU find?